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The Journey

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The Journey

It was John’s first time on flight. He was on his way to Sydney from Bangalore and was shivering out of fear every time when the flight jerked. An old man who was sitting next to him observed his anxiety and held his hand. ‘Child! Is everything fine?’ the old man asked.

‘Huh! Nothing. I am just afraid of the flight travel’ John replied.

‘Afraid? But why?’ the old man asked.

‘What if the flight crashes? Or it falls into the ocean? Or…’ he recalled all the possible massacres that he had seen on news channels. The old man laughed at him on hearing that.

‘Why are you laughing?’ John asked.

‘You have done what was in your hand. And now you are worried about what is not in yours?’ the old man said. John gave a puzzled look.

The old man understood his look and continued ‘Let me assume this way. You searched for flights on all the possible websites, identified the flight with the best price and travel timings, booked it, packed your things, took a cab and reached the airport well before the reporting time, passed the verification checks, boarded the flight, found your seat and sat with your seat belts fastened. So your role over this journey is over. Now it’s up to the Pilot if you are an atheist or to God if you are not whether or not you will make it. There’s nothing you can do. So, you better enjoy the ride. Or you will be missing some beautiful view out through the windows” he said.

Most of us do the same in life. We fear for things we have nothing to do upon and forget about living the moment. And later in life, regrets fill our mind for missing the right thing at the right time. Let us just let go of it this second. Let us do what is in our control at the moment and leave the rest to god. Let us just believe that our life will be better. And amazingly, miracles happen for those who believe.

‘And what if we really don’t reach Sydney?’ John interrogated again.

The old man replied with a smile, ‘May be he has some better choices for us other than just reaching Sydney’

Yeah! And never forget. God always has better options for us than we have. Let’s spread smiles over lives!

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