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Easy Password Manager

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It does Remembering for you !


Software Details  :
    Password Manager - It does Remembering for you 
    Current Version :  
    Release Date : 14 September 2013 
    Serial Number : 280820130000002 
    OS Support : Windows ,Linux , Mac
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Free Download Password Manager


Password Manager = Easy Password Manager


Easy Password Manager is a Gadget which helps you save all your links ,usernames and passwords .
We all of us know these days everyone have dozens of usernames and passwords and it becomes difficult to remember all of them all the time so , here Easy Password Manager to help you out ! its very easy to use .

Once you save your information , you can update it anytime you want .It is very easy to use and is helpful for people who do not like to remember everything all the time


Password Manager

Password Manager



1. Download Password_Manager.rar
2. UnRar or Unzip Easy_Password_Manager.rar using Winzip,Winrar or 7zip etc
3. Open the Folder generated
4. Double Click on Easy_Password_Manager.rar
optional steps
5. right click and select pin to Taskbar to put the icon on taskbar
6. right click –> send to –> desktop (create shortcut)
7. right click and select pin to Start Menu


  • Saves UserNames Passwords and additional information
  • Can save for any number of users
  • Can be used on any operating system

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