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Optician Customer Management

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Optician Customer and Eye lens Manager


Optician Customer Management

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Download VersionPB Optician Software

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VersionPB Optician Software helps opticians to manage their customers contacts , their eye numbers for future reference , address , phone number and other useful information

Optician can search all his customers by Phone numbers , E-mail address , Name or Reference Number .
It can also be used as a customer Management software .

Optician Customer Management

Optician Customer Management v1.0


You can search all Customers using searchAll Button and once you see all customers click on the desired one to see his full data

Alternatively you can search a Customer using :

  • Customer Name  – Example p% will show all customers starting with p
  • Phone Numbers
  • Reference Number
  • Email Address

Search Dialog OpticianCMS

Search Dialog Optician CMS v 1.0



To install follow steps :

1. Download OpticianSoftware.exe
2. Double click the installer and follow the steps until you get finished message
3. use Desktop icon to open Optician Customer Manager
4. Do Remember to register it at here

For any suggestions , questions , bugs , or request for additional features , contact at

Register your product for free at :

WebPage : www.versionpb.com/products/optician-customer-management/

Features :

1.    Saves Customer information like :
1.1    Name
1.2 Address
1.3 Phone Number
1.4 Left Eye number s
1.5 Right eye number s
1.6 Additional notes
2.    Can save for any number of Customers
3.    Light weight and Can be used on any operating system
4.  You can take backup and Restore your data anytime
5.    Customer is Searchable from Name , Phone Number etc


Optician CMS with ample Data

Optician CMS with Sample Data v1.0


Software Details  :

    Optician Customer Management

    Latest Release : 2.0
    Release Date : 5th March 2016
    Current Version :  
    Release Date : 6 Feb 2014 
    Serial Number : 201311090000004 
    OS Support : Windows ,Linux , Mac

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