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Just Never give up !

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Just Never give up

Have you seen how many times a child falls before they start to walk?
How long did it take you before you “got the hang” of riding a bike or roller blading? Trial and error, being persistent and knowing that you CANNOT give up!
What would happen if a child decided that walking was not for them and they are not going to try anymore? They would never learn to walk.

No matter how many times you fall, and believe me you will. Just dust yourself off and try again and again.

Keep your focus on the goal. Forgive yourself and just move on again. Put your mind to it and tell yourself you can do it.

Just NEVER give up. Whether it is quitting bad habits/addictions, losing weight, studying, controlling you temper, cutting people from your life, gossiping, getting over abuse, healing from pain, dealing with failure/shame/hurt/disappointment, or having to stay away from the wrong people.

Be patient with yourself and learn from this process that will make you stronger and wiser.

Encourage yourself and be your own motivation. Life happens. Don’t compare your life with other people and be content and run your own race.

It is not about what people did to you. It is about what you are going to do to get well, succeed, heal and love yourself. Just never give up!


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