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Brisky Bird

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Brisky Bird

Brisky Bird

Brisky Bird

The game Brisky Bird is a remake of a famous bird Game flappy bird with some added features like :

  • The bird comes with multiple colors
  • The pipe comes with multiple colour and keep changing the colour
  • The Speed of the Bird changes as the score increases
  • Background of the game keeps on changing

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Well Flappy Bird was a famous game and was a real nice game which was created using the developers own innovative mind . Brisky Bird on the other hand is just a remake of the famous bird game i.e. flappy bird but the main reason we have Brisky Bird available free for all is to learn via a Step by Step Tutorial Series on How to make Brisky Bird or lets frame it How to make flappy Bird from scratch .

This doesnt mean that you cant download Brisky Bird for just the sake of playing and enjoying . You can and anyone and everyone can download this game for free , Primary motive of a game is always entertainment and will always be .

Brisky Bird version 1.5 is released on 23rd Jan 2018 with new graphics and features .

Brisky Bird version 1.6 is released on 28th March 2018. It has following features :

  •  Game can be paused while playing
  • 2 Modes of Game :
    • Classic
    • Easy
  • Look and feel of Menu is enhanced

Brisky Bird version 1.7 is released on 9th April 2018. It has following features :

  •  High Scores Leader Board Implemented for Google Play Services
    • The Game has 2 Leader Boards configured in Google Play services One each for
      • Easy Mode
      • Classic Mode
  • Look and Feel of Main Menu changed . See the screenshot of the Main Menu as below
Brisky Bird Main Menu

Brisky Bird Main Menu

  • Double tap on back button exits game

Brisky Bird version 1.8 is released on 26th April 2018. It has following features :

  •   Sign In button added on Menu State to log in to Google Play Services .
  •   On high Score screen a new informative message added that " You wont be able to see Leaderboards until you are logged in to Google Play Services , To Log in go to Menu State "
    " To Add your high score in Leader Boards first set your google play services profile Public"
  • Basically Google Play services log in is required if you want to post your high score to the leaderboards
  • Secondly in case you wish everyone in the world to see your profile of google play services and if you want to compete with everyone in the world playing brisky bird ,Set your gaming profile to public
  • To Make your profile public see this topic from Google or below Steps
Brisky Bird Sign In Google Play Game Services

Brisky Bird Sign In Google Play Game Services

 To Make your Profile public or private

If your Gamer Profile is public, other players can see your gameplay activity, level and XP. To change your Gamer Profile privacy settings:

  1. Open the Play Games app Play Games.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Settings.
  3. Tap Gamer Profile.
  4. Choose to hide your Profile or make it public.

Note: If your Profile is private, you will appear as Level 1 to other players.

Visibility settings for individual games

On your Google+ Manage apps page, you can control who can see your activity.


How to Play : Keep Clicking so Bird can fly i.e. stay Brisk and Live long .

This means if you are playing on Desktop , keep clicking left mouse button which will make Bird fly , If she touches any pipes she will die so you need to make sure she doesnt touch and pipe , ground and Sky and keep flying and Live long so you can score more .


High Score Screen Brisky Bird

High Score Screen Brisky Bird

Download Brisky Bird

Brisky Bird is developed using libGDX framework and its available for free download on Desktop as well as Android . We will Soon update on its free deployment on Web i.e. HTML5

Download Brisky Bird for Desktop

Click Below button to Download Brisky Bird for Desktop

Download Brisky Bird

Download Brisky Bird for Desktop

Download Brisky Bird for Android

Brisky Bird for android can be downloaded from the below link of google play store

Download Brisky Bird for Android from Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

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