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Expenditure is a tool which helps you Manage your Money !


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We understand that most of us need to do expenditure management and it is very difficult to track how much we spent last month , what is our major expense , where can we reduce our expenses . To help tracking all our expenses and make sure all expenses are captured and Expenses , Pockets and Bank Transactions are up to date , We have the tool Money – Expenditure .

Basic Components we used in the tool are :
Bank Transactions

In Daily use we keep in our Money in Pocket , so in Pocket we will add all the currency notes present in it .
While creating the pocket we should add initial amount in the pocket by adding number of currency notes in the pocket .
Later at the time of Expenditure tally we should do a pocket audit and update the currency in the Pocket and Tool will automatically tell us weather all the expenses are added correctly or not .

Bank Transactions

Whenever we take out money from Bank or put money in Bank we should add this transaction in the Bank Transactions . In case when we are taking money out of the bank tool will credit this amount into the pocket and hence pocket amount should increase .
Similarly if you are adding money into Bank from Pocket , money will be deducted from pocket . If money is being added into Bank not from Pocket then it wont get dducted from Pocket


Whenever we do any expenditure we should add an entry for this via Expenditure –> Add Expenditure . Doing this it will deduct money from the pocket from where you took money while doing expenditure . Also tool will add this entry on the summary page and will show a graph adding this expenditure in types of expenditures .

How Money-Expenditure Tool help us ?

Money Tool will help you to Manage your day to day expenses/expenditures and make sure that :

All Money in your Pocket is up to Date
Track All Bank Transactions you make and help to synchronize that with the Pocket in which we credit money
Track Pocket to Pocket Transactions
Give you a graphical view of all your expenses , so you know where and what you are spending on

Get Started

Login to Money – Expenditure
Once you log in , you will see your default profile page . Click on Dashboard to go to your Home

This is Expenditure Version

Login using the default credentials :

user : Paarth
Password : Batra

Demo credentials :

User : Demo
Password : versionpb

To use follow steps :

1. Download Expenditure.rar from [purchase_link id=”258″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Download Expenditure”] and save on disk
2. UnRar or Unzip Expenditure.rar using Winzip,Winrar or 7zip etc
3. Open the Folder generated
4. Double Click on Expenditure.exe , doing this you will see windows command prompt will open giving informtion on how to open the tool
5. Open any web browser of your choice and run
6. Login using the default user : Paarth Password : Batra
7. Doing this you will be redirected to profile page . Click on Home or DashBoard to get started
8. if you wish to see Demo usage of the tool with some basic reference data . Login using user : Demo , Password : versionpb
optional steps
9. right click Expenditure.exe and select pin to Taskbar to put the icon on taskbar
10. right click Expenditure.exe–> send to –> desktop (create shortcut)
11. right click Expenditure.exe and select pin to Start Menu


Below are steps and guide to see a Demo run of Expenditure tool

1. Prerequisite : Make sure no other application is running at . To check nothing is running . Open any browser and write in address and click go . Page should say ” Page Can not be displayed ”

2. Installation : Download Expenditure tool  from [purchase_link id=”258″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”here” direct=”true”] and Install it  as per guide lines above

3. Open Expenditure Click Expenditure.exe present in the directory where you have Expenditure.bat and How To Login .txt file . Once Clicked you will see a screen as per the screenshot below :

Dos Message screen

Dos Message screen

4. Open Tool via browser : Once you see the DOS Screen as above . Keep it minimized , Open any browser example Mozilla Firefox . Write and you will see welcome screen as per screenshot below :


Welcome Page

Welcome Page

5. Login  : Login to the Tool . Click Login Either at upper left corner or the one highlighted in Blue . As now we will show a Demo run to Expenditure Login with following Credentials :

UserName : Demo

Password : versionpb

Profile page

Profile Page

6. Dashboard :  Once we successfully see Profile page , Click on Dashboard or Home to go to Dash Board . Dash board is our Home page which shows Summary of our Expenses , Total Money in our Pocket , Bank Transactions made by us and a graph of Expenses done via types of Expenditures







How to use : Read here

Software Details  :

    Current Version :
    Release Date    : 28 June 2015
    Serial Number   : 201506280000006
    OS Support      : Windows

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