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Brave little tortoise Story

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Brave little tortoise Story

Once upon a time, there was a tortoise who lived on a ship.  One day the ship sank, after swimming for a long time the tortoise reached a deserted land surrounded by water on all three sides. The landward side led up to a big, steep, craggy mountain.

The tortoise was tired from the long swimming, looked for food, but there was nothing in that land for the tortoise to eat.  To avoid starving to death, the tortoise decided to climb to the top of the mountain hoping that on the other side of the mountain he would find something to eat. As he got to the snow-covered summit of the mountain, it was freezing cold. Suddenly a snow storm started, he struggled hard and managed to make out a small pathway leading towards the other side of the mountain.


But the path was guarded by big monsters which were making lots of noise. The tortoise was terrified to death hearing the noises and wanted to hide his head inside his shell, but he controlled his fear and looked around him.  He saw that many other animals were lying dead.  The tortoise understood that those animals had died due to the unbearable cold. So the tortoise didn’t go into his shell as he understood that he too would die if he do not find a way to escape from that place. He rallied his spirit and gathered courage to make his long journey towards the other side which meant he had to cross the monsters. As the tortoise started towards the monsters,  the  monsters changed their shapes.  The tortoise came very close to the monsters. Suddenly, the tortoise realized that those were actually large pile of rocks and not monsters at all, the rocks were formed in the shape like monsters and the sound was that of the wind blowing through a small cave. The tortoise felt confident and carried on with journey, and eventually descended into a beautiful valley.  The valley was filled with woods, and plenty of food. The tortoise lived in that valley very happily and became known to the others in the valley as the Brave Little Tortoise.


By avoiding any situation one cannot face the challenges of life. Something or the other will challenge us. It will create fear and insecurity in us. The only way to deal with the fear is to face it with all strength and faith. Most of the fears will be imaginary. Every problem has a solution. When our mind is clouded with fear we cannot act rationally and wisely.


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