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Do not judge a book by its cover

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Do not judge a book by its cover

This story is about Mahatma Gandhi,  well known and world famous Indian freedom fighter who gave importance to non-violence. Once  Gandhi was aboard a  ship , on his way  to England. A young European who saw him wondered why a half-naked, bald-headed and toothless old man should go to England. He drew funny pictures of Gandhi and wrote nasty things about him. He then walked towards Gandhi and gave Gandhi the pieces of papers saying; “You will find this useful and interesting. Read it and keep it with you.”

Having read each and every piece of paper given by the young European, Gandhi then returned the pieces to the European and said, “I have done just what you asked me to do”. Then he continued, giving the young man his usual sweet smile,” I have kept with me your paper clip, that is the only interesting and useful thing you gave me. Thank you”.

Gandhi’s short and sweet reply went straight to his heart and  the young man realized how intelligent, cultured, humble and great Gandhi was. He hung his head down in shame and walked away.  He became aware of his stupidity and ego which had made him commit such a blunder. The young European, from  then on, learnt to respect each and every individual irrespective of their appearances, caste and creed.

One should learn how to remain calm in all situations, have dignity and self-control. Each human should always respect one and another so that a mutual understanding can be reached. Each individual should never pass any comments about another just by looking at one’s attire or physical appearance just as the English proverb goes “do not judge a book by its cover”

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