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Step 16: Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : More possibilities to Brisky Demo Game

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More possibilities to Brisky Demo Game

We have the game ready executed in Desktop and android phones and even in Web . What next  ? . In today's  section I am going to give a brief overview on what else can be done on the game and how to make it more better .

  • Addition of More states like a Game Over State : As of now you guys know what to do to create a new State and what changes can be done to this new state . As in current implementation we move to Menu State after the bird dies , in this case we will go to Game Over State . In This state we can display another nice background
  • Addition of Score to our game  . To do this we need to find a way on how to create scores for our game . As soon as the bird reaches to the middle of the tube we add score to a new value and as soon as score is added we play another sound . Cool right
  • Also we must display score to the middle of the screen just as in Brisky Bird Game , or maybe any other location of your choice . To display the score we may draw the score  using a font . To understand how to implement fonts . Read my tutorial on Text and line animations using libgdx  here
  • Next it to add animation to the bird .That can be done using the animation API of libGdx .
  • How about having a Splash screen as we have in Brisky Demo , so as soon as the game stats we show up this screen with our Brand Name or Game Name . Again to implement that we create another State and in that State just do animation as described in the tutorial on Text and line animations using libgdx  here


With this I conclude Brisky Demo Tutorial is ended , There will be some more code Examples or tips on libGDX for sure in this series . if anyone has any questions they can put it in comments section or post their  query at this link  and we will definitely respond .

I would like to say Thanks to Brent Aureli Below is the link to his tutorials on Flappy Bird which i studied to make brisky bird . I have coded a lot from my self but the piece of work which he has done is really appreciable


Brent Aureli's Code School Link

Brent Aureli's Twitter

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