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Step 4 : Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : Importing Projects in Eclipse and Android Studio

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Importing Projects in Eclipse and Android Studio

In previous section we have learned on how to create demo projects using libGDX setup app . This section focuses on how to import the generated projects in last step into Eclipse so we can actually start working on them and execute them .

  • Open Eclipse in a workspace of your choice , make sure its not the same directory as the one which you used for libGDX project .

Execute following steps in Eclipse :

  • File --> Import


  • Select Gradle -- > Gradle Project -- Next -- Next


  • Add Project root directory i.e. project Destination which was using while using libGDX Project Setup . For my case it was D:\Paarth\Google_Drive\Google Drive\Codes\libgdx\versionPBDemo


  • Click finish and it will synchronize  with gradle root project using following window , it should take 1 to 2 minutes to finish this .


  • Once this is done open Package Explorer of Eclipse and you should see following projects there :


This completes Importing Projects in Eclipse and Android Studio . Wow Importing Projects in Eclipse is done . next Step is to execute the demo project for Windows ...

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