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Step 3 : Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : Creating Project in libGDX via gdx-setup.jar

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Creating Project in libGDX via gdx-setup.jar


Double click gdx-setup.jar and you will see a gui as below :


Change Name to any good name you like , I am using versionpb

Change Package to any package name you like , I am using com.versionpb.demo

Change Game Class to your preferred game class name , I am using VersionPB

Keep destination as the directory where you want libGDX to create your projects

Add Android SDK root path in front of Android SDK , for me android sdk was downloaded in C:\Users\<USER>\android-sdks

Keep All sub projects checked i.e. Desktop,Android,Ios  and HTML as we are going to create this demo for all these platforms ...

uncheck all the Extensions

Click on Advanced and check Eclipse and click save .

Your Screen should look like below screenshot :



Click generate and the setup app will take a sometime to complete downloading and configuring your project. For me the very first time it took 50 minutes so please be patient and in case you get messages like Build Failed , try again with overwrite option .

it may also ask you about updating your android build tools or using a particular build tool for android once you click yes android manager will be opened and you can start installing the required tools , click yes in case you have latest android build tool available


On Successful setup , you should see below screenshot :


Once we see this , We are done and now we will go to next step i.e. to run project via Eclipse .

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