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Step 7 : Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : Executing demo project for HTML5

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Executing demo project for HTML5

In previous sections we have learned on how to execute our demo libGDX programs on Windows and Android phone and even in AVD , in this section we are going to focus on how to execute our HTML5 or web program created via libGDX . All these are important and basics of libGDX because at later stages when we will create more and more programs it will be easier for us to execute in any platform of our choice . So lets move ahead

  • For my case I need to run versionpb-html . Right click on versionpb-html and select Run As -->  Run Configurations ...


  • Once you click this you will see Configuration Screen open , Select Gradle project and click on new from top menu to create a new Gradle configuration . Lets Configure Gradle task configuration .
  • Give it a name as superDev
  • Gradle tasks should be gradlew.bat
  • Working Directory should be your project Directory which we used when we setup the project for libGDX . You should see a screen like below


  • Once this is done open Gradle argument tab and write html:superDev there . Gradle argument screen should look like as below :


  • Once done click run and you should see screen like below :


  • Open the console window and wait for following :
  • The code server is ready.
    Next, visit: http://localhost:9876/


  • Open this url http://localhost:9876/ in any web browser to see GWT Code Server  as below


  • To see your html App open URL : http://localhost:8080/html/ . It should be as below


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