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Step 5 : Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : Executing demo project for Windows

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Executing demo project for Windows

In last section we successfully imported our demo libGDX project into Eclipse in this section we will execute that same demo app in windows OS .

  • For my case I need to run versionpb-desktop . Right click versionpb-desktop in Eclipse , Select Run As and select Java Application


  • You will see some options , select DesktopLauncher as per below screenshot and click ok


  •  Doing that Desktop App should open . In my case it was like below screenshot


The next sections follow on executing the demo apps in android as well as web i.e. HTML5 .

We will use this same procedure of executing our main apps in Desktop through out our tutorial series so Stay tuned and see the more exciting part in next sections  where we will execute the project in web and in your android phones and even AVD i.e. Android virtual machines

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