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Step 15: Step by Step libGDX Tutorial : Porting the Game in Android Device

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Porting the Game in Android Device

This section must be the most important for some as in this we are going to port our game to our android phones or devices . We already know how to plug in android devices and how to create a AVD and execute code there as we learnt in the very starting sections of this tutorial series . To Execute this code in Android phone . Lets open the code in Android studio as we opened previously . As soon as you execute it you will see game opened as below

Brisky Bird Android Phone Landscape Mode

Brisky Bird Android Phone Landscape Mode

This doesnt look good and we made our game for portrait mode so lets fix this quickly . Open Android project in Android Studio and under manifests directory open file AndroidManifest.xml and change the line as below






After this execute the run again and what you will see now is what we wanted  as below


Brisky Bird ported to Android_15

Brisky Bird ported to Android

Try playing the game and it will work like it worked in Desktop . Cool isn't it . In the next section I am going to explain what next we can do to make it exactly same as we have BriskyBird and a lot of more possibilities to the game using libGDX  currently on Goolge Play Store . You can download it here

If you havent seen the desktop and Web deployment of Brisky Bird .. Those can be see here

Desktop Downloadable link

Web link


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