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Trip to Nandi Hills , Near Bangalore

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Last weekend  – Sunday 8th Nov 2015 I travelled to Nandi Hills

Few things that I liked the most about Nandi Hills  :


1. Away from Traffic & pollution

2. Fresh Air and real Nature

3. Nice 1-2 hour Drive from Bangalore

4. Stay in the Clouds  .


 Few things to note in case you are also planning to go there :


1. Better to drive than to take taxi as its a really nice drive up there , Incase you are going by two wheeler then also i think its great , there are a lot of people going there on two wheelers

2. At Nandi hills check post they charge Rs 50 Per person and Rs 50 per camera , so In case you have a small camera keep it inside so the person don’t notice it and you can save some money

3. There are a lot of monkeys are dogs who are aggressive for food .

4. Its little cold there so take your jackets

5. Better to take a waterproof jackets as you are literally in clouds and can get shower from time to time .


My Journey and experience @ Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is located at a distance of 70 Km from Bangalore ( BTM Layout )  . For more information about Nandi hills kindly see Nandi Hills on Wikipedia and Nandi hills on wikitravel .

We planned to drive and started our journey at 5 am in morning . While planning our trip, I read various blogs and some of them indicated about bad roads and difficult driving , however as per my experience roads are good and if you know OK driving , its really a good drive and you will really enjoy driving there .

There are 40 turns on the way to hill , I was little worried that the turns might be very difficult but while i was driving i really didn’t noticed those turns only came to know about them once i was at the Nandi hills 🙂  . There were a lot guys going up on their bikes and even on Activa and i am sure travelling on 2 wheeler must be very enjoyable . Once we reached check post bikes were not allowed to go up , however as we were in car he asked us to go further up , he charged us Rs 50 per person and Rs 50 per Camera . Roads after this points are in really really bad shape . You will see a lot of people walking up to the hill , this way is only 1 km up the hill .


Once we reached up the hill ,  we thought we might see sunrise and the city , however we couldn’t see anything as there were clouds all over .It was good that we took our jackets with us as weather was cold there . There were dogs and monkeys there but they were attacking only if they see food in your hands .

There is a wash room up at the hills and they charge Rs 5 per person 😛 .

We noticed a lot of people trying to see down the hill and i kept on wondered what were they watching as there was no visibility due to clouds . We went to temple there , which was a nice and old ,as there wasn’t much crowd inside i really liked it 🙂


Then we walked a bit on the hill , sat for some time, had our home made sandwiches , enjoyed our time there for almost 1 hour before we started to feel shivering due to cold .

As we planned to go back to Bangalore we noticed a small garden there so we walked a bit inside it and finally sat in the car to go back to Bangalore .


Overall , we had fantastic time , there were a lot of people there away from city traffic and enjoying Nature .

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