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Unhide Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy

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Unhide Developer Options

Recently I was looking at the developer options in my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone . Earlier it used to be in Settings –> More menu but after my latest update , developer options are  hidden in the Settings –> More Menu .

I am writing this article taking Samsung Galaxy 3 as a reference but I hope this will work for other Samsung phones as well .This post might be useful to people who are into Android development or are exploring there phones for some purposes .

Unhide Developer Options

To Unhide Developer Options and view them follow the steps :

  1. Open Settings → More → About Device
  2. Scroll down to Build Number i.e. something starting with JSS ….
  3. Tap it repeatedly and It’ll show a message telling you how many more times you need to tap it to enable developer mode
  4. See the Developer options menu under Settings → More


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