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Documentation & Version History Secret Diary

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 Documentation & Version History Secret Diary

                                                HELP DOCUMENTATION
                                                            Secret Diary
                                            Website : www.versionpb.com
                                               Author : Paarth Batra

    This documentation is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the interface and
    functions of My Best Friend – Dearest Diary

                                            **** INTERFACE ****

    Login Screen : This is a screen where you will be entering your username and password . you will be
    open Diary only when you enter correct username and password combination

    Diary Screen : Diary Screen contains Menu options File,Edit,View,Format and Help , toolbar options .
    Then it displays today’s Date , Area where you can write your entry in any language of your choice .
    Finally there s a signature which is automatically signed by the Login Name .

                                            Menu Options and Use

    File Menu : It contains Save and Exit option .

            1.  Save Option : It saves our diary entry for the date on the screen page

            2. Change Password : Password for current user can be changed by this option

            3.  Exit Option : This option asks you if you want to save changes . if you click yes . It saves any
                changes and close diary screen else it closes Diary without saving changes .

    Edit Menu : It contains Find and Replace functionality.

            Replace : Replace opens a replace menu which have following options :

                    1. Find : find the string in the diary entry in forward direction
                    2. Replace : replace first occurrence of text 1 with text 2
                    3. Replace All : Replace all occurrences of text 1 with text 2.
                    4. Cancel : Closes the Replace window .

    View Menu : It contains Last Entry ,Next Entry and Search Options .

                1. Last Entry : it shows last entry made previous to the current day on Diary.
                   In case you don’t have any last entry it says no entry present

                2. Next Entry : it shows next entry made after current date on Diary .In case
                    you don’t have any entry . It says no Entry present

                3. Search Options : It opens a Calendar on which you again have 4 options :

                    1. Open : if you click this button . it opens entry written on the date selected
                    on the calendar . In case no entry was made it opens page of that day so you can
                    make an entry

                    2. Cancel : it closes the search window with no effect to diary page

                    3. Previous : it takes us to the previous date on calendar when entry was made
                    to the date selected on the calendar

                    4. Next : It take us to the next date on Calendar when entry was made to the
                    date selected on the calendar

    Format Window : It contains font color and style menu :

                1. Font style : you can select font style for a particular day
                2. Font color : you can select font color for particular day

    Help Menu : it contains Contents and About Diary

                1. Contents : Contains Help and License regarding information

                2. About :  Information about author version and release date

                                            User / Password and change password

    You can create any user from login button by clicking on the link :New user ? click here

    Password can be changed for current user from diary page under File Menu


    My Best Friend – Dearest Diary is free software, feel free to share it with friends. Any ideas or
    suggestions will be appreciated.

    This software can be used by anyone for non-profit use .

Software Details  :

    Current Version :
    Release Date : 16 October 2013
    Serial Number : 201310120000003
    OS Support : Windows ,Linux , Mac


Features  in Initial Release 

  1. Password protection
  2. Create any number of users
  3. Write diary of any number of characters
  4. Write diary of any date . Current , previous or future
  5. Search previous Diary entries using Calendar search button
  6. Search Previous/ Next Diary entry from file menu
  7. Put font style for a particular day and this font will used with that particular diary entry date
  8. Font colors can also be used in similar way
  9. Update Password anytime while login
  10. Replace and find words in your entry
  11. Update entries any time
  12. Write words in any script
  13. Dearest Diary  is platform independent , runs on windows and Unix .

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