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BODMAS Calculator Documentation

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BODMAS Calculator Documentation


BODMAS Calculator showing 3 + 2 x 5

BODMAS Calculator showing 3 + 2 x 5




BODMAS Calculator display a nice GUI with Buttons . You can enter values from Mouse click as well as keyboard entry

Menu Options and Use

View Menu : Currently it have only standard view . if required we may have more views
like full-screen or scientific views in future .

Edit Menu :

Copy : This option have a shortcut as Control-C and when pressed or clicked it will
copy anything which is written in the Calculator lower area

Copy Expression : This option is for copying of the current Expression .

Paste : Paste option is for pasing any expression or numerical values in it . For
Example you have a bodmas expression like (23 +8 )*7 you can directly paste it in
Calculator , however if you have any string or non-bodmas expression copied and
you try pasting it . Nothing will happen

Help Menu

Contents : Contains Help and License regarding information

About :  Information about author version and release date

Buttons and their uses

brackets button ( , ) : both of these buttons are introduced and can be used as
BODMAS brackets . you can not enter ) in the start of any expression .

^ : power button , currently this is diabled as currently if you want to give power
to any number you need to right 5*5 . This feature may be added in future releases

Expression = : This button is used to show current expression in the upper part of calculator
and its result in the lower part of the calculator display field .

<== : this is a backspace button

CE : This button clears current content in the lower display part of the calculator

C : This is clear button . Clicking this will reset everything .

+- : This is Negate button and currently works only on very basic values

underscore: This Button is for computing square root. This function is valid only for stand
alone computations

0-9 numeric buttons : this are basic 0-9 digits in Maths

/ : Division operator

% : Computation of percentage

* : Multiplication operator

1/x : Reciprocal function and works only on single digits

– : Subtraction operator

. : Mathematics dot

+ : Addition operator

= : = operator


BODMAS Calculator is free software, feel free to share it with friends. Any ideas or
suggestions will be appreciated.

This software can be used by anyone for non-profit use .

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