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PuTTY Window Title Change

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PuTTY Window Title Change

Most of the times we work with multiple linux/unix  servers each having many environments like Development , Testing , Production and so on and accessing each of the server via PuTTY is a common phenomenon . Its really important to distinguish each session easily and one way for this is to have Putty window title as your Server Name ( or any Unique identifier for your Server ).

Below are the steps on how to do the same  :


  1. Open Putty and click on New Session
  2. Enter your Host Name or IP i.e. the Server IP or Hostname to which you would like to connect
  3. Give this session a name in  the text filed for Saved Sessions
  4. Now from Left Pane Select Window–>Behaviour
  5. Put a Name with which you would like to keep at the top of your putty session
  6. Now from Left Pane Select Terminal –> Features
  7. Check Disable remote-controlled window title changing (This step will keep the title set at step 5 visible in putty session even after you log in to the server)
  8. From Left Pane Click on Session
  9. Click on Save to save this server
  10. Now whenever you will open this configuration you will see Title which you set in Step 5 .

In case you do not want to keep this Title after you log in your putty session , do not perform Step 7 and then you will see remotely set title on your putty session which will be set by your Server administrator .


In Case you want to change the window title for all sessions i.e. who so ever open this server or if you want to set Remote Window title for this server then this can be done by following command


  1. Open .bashrc of your server
  2. Replace Window Title in below command with your title
  3. Keep PROMPT_COMMAND=’echo -ne “\033]0; Window Title \007″‘
  4. Save .bashrc file
  5. Close this putty session
  6. Reopen a putty session and after login you will see the Title you set as in step 3



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