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How to Create Android Virtual Device

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To create Android Virtual Device you must have android SDK and AVD  i.e. Android Virtual Device  Manager installed on your laptop .

  • In case you have Android Device Chooser opened in your laptop , Select Launch a new Android virtual Device and Click on Manager to open AVD Manager


  • Once you click Manager , you will see a screen as below :


  • Click create from right menu and you will see Create new AVD Screen opened up . Fill up the values as per the below screen ( there are drop downs for Device , Target , CPU etc ..)


  • Once you click OK, you should see your device in the list of AVD s as per below screenshot



  • Click Start and then launch to start your AVD . It will take some time and finally your AVD will start .


  • Once your AVD is started it will look like below depending upon the configuration selected  while creating AVD :



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