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WiFi Router as a Repeater to Boost WiFi Signal

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WiFi Router as a Repeater to Boost WiFi Signal

I am using Airtel WiFi with a speed of 8 Mbps at my home but as my apartment is little big WiFi signals in the other room (i.e room which is away from the room where i have kept my Router) where i usually sit were very low and i was getting speed only of 0.11 Mbps . I called Airtel engineer to fix the speed issue but he told me that issue is the signal strength , and as i tried to check speed while sitting near to Router or by connecting a LAN wire from router Speed was going as high as 8 Mbps . Most of my experience with Airtel were bad but this time i felt its more on the router side 🙂


He Suggested me to either buy a new router whose range is better or buy a WiFi repeater or WiFi amplifier . All these could be bought easily at Amazon

In the mean time i tried downloading an app on my android phone to boost WiFi signal which helped a bit but it was not 100% successful and i wanted to do a permanent fix of this issue  .

Then i realized that i had some old routers with me which i was using in my old home , so I thought of using those old routers as repeater of my current Internal signal i.e. to Amplify the signal of my real WiFi here with Internet . I performed the following steps:


Wifi Router As Repeater

Wifi Router As Repeater

  1. I connected my old WiFi to a power socket in the room where current WiFi speed as measured by http://www.speedtest.net was 0.1 MBPS .
  2. Connect to this WiFi router by selecting the SSID Name of this router . Default SSID Name can be found on the back of the router . In my case as this was my old WiFi router so my my laptop was showing signals of my old internet SSID , so i connected to it .
  3. Open the new router admin page which usually should open at or with a login user and password . You will find this IP , username and password at the opposite side of the router .
  4. Click on the Wireless tab and navigate to Repeater Tab
  5. In this section click on use as repeater and add the SSID of the current WiFi (i.e. the one with real internet) and also add their username and password .
  6. Click on done and then your WiFi router will restart .
  7. Once done after around 1 minute i could see a new WiFi Signal in my laptop WiFi signal and the name of the new signal was OldSSID-ext . I connected to it and then i was able to browse the internet .
  8. If i check speed now via http://www.speedtest.net the speed comes as 3.08Mbps
Speed After connecting to Repeater

Speed After connecting to Repeater

Good enough to do browsing and far far better than using an android app to boost WiFi or purchasing a new repeater .


Now whenever i want to work in this room i just turn this repeater on and i am able to use internet with better speed . If i want to go to terrace and work there , i take my old router along , connect it to power and i get great better signals and internet there  .

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